Category Borderlands 2 gibbed weapon prefixes

Borderlands 2 gibbed weapon prefixes

Due to the fact that weapons are randomly generated by the names of the prefixes and quality, the stats aren't always accurate. This is a list of the suffixes used on weapons. Most gun types have five specific body types available.

They determine the gun's prefix, damage, rate of fire, and recoil. Testing has revealed the following:. Each manufacturer often provides the same weapon in different base quality. When you start the game, you can only find or buy standard issue weapons. As your character progresses and gains additional levels, more powerful versions of those basic weapons will start to appear. Usually, the main differences between a given weapon from the same manufacturer but from two different tiers are the base damage and the level requirement.

You can see the manufacturer's tier by sorting your weapon by brand, either in your inventory or in the shop interface.

borderlands 2 gibbed weapon prefixes

Material grade naming varies by manufacturer. Values are taken straight from localization files; quotation marks enclose intentionally included or excluded space characters. Material grades change the color and texture of guns. They scale the effect of the manufacturer on a weapon's stats. On a Maliwan gun, for example, a better grade improves the chance of elemental effects triggering.

This is not always good: signature weaknesses of some brands also increase.

Borderlands 2 Save File Editor by Gibbed

Material has a strong effect on the weapon's rarity. It should be noted that the prefix tiers do not always correspond to the element multiplier. Weapon Prefix are words that may affect the visuals and the stats. A gun can be without a prefix, this being the case generally in the more common weapons specifically white rarities.

Those that are found on two or less like Double and Sighted are put into their respective categories. A weapon will only display one prefix, even if two or more could apply - for instance, a Torgue Double Anarchy SMG may appear as a "Steel Anarchy" using the manufacturer material prefix, but the Double accessory is still there.

For more information on the mechanics of prefixes, see Prefix. Note that this section only shows the general result of a gun's prefix. Actual effect may come from a part e. Sign In Don't have an account?

borderlands 2 gibbed weapon prefixes

Start a Wiki. For Borderlands 2 version of this article, see here. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Fires 2 projectiles at the same time and consumes 2 ammo Increases Ammo Capacity, decreases Damage and greatly increases Spread. Not listed on weapon card Also changes melee animation. Slightly increased damage, but fires 7 pellets instead of 9.

Borderlands 2 Save Editor Weapon Codes

Typically has a tighter spread than other non-unique shotguns. Prefix never appears in game: Jagged shotguns always appear with the Terrible prefix, but they retain their increased Melee Damage.Some weapon images were made with Gibbed with informative purposes. Images uploaded to a new server imgur To do list: more info on modded shields, class mods and eridian relics. You can personally decide whether the idiot mentioned in the title is the reader or the poster. But keep the answer to yourself.

I made this thread upon a request, and jumped on it immediately since a large portion of the community seems either misinformed or uneducated in the matter.

I will update it from here whenever necessary. This thread covers: Weapons with removed parts. Weapons with removed sights. Weapons with dual bonuses. Weapons with wrong attachment. Grenades completely without a fuse. Grenades with dual bonuses. Legitimately unobtainable combinations of parts. Legitimately unobtainable skins.

I understand there is a gap between removing the sight from your Maggie, and using a Slag Infinity, but regardless of what you tell yourself, you are still using modded weapons. The Black color is due to a rarity not being specified, since rarity determines the color of the weapon. Weapons literally cannot spawn without this field filled in, and in fact if you try to log out with a Black weapon anywhere but in the bank the game will delete it, due to error checking. And with guns losing a bit of their base damage to deal elemental damage, modders like to make things like that because then you will have a RL which you can use on anything and that has a higher base damage.

Removing it makes it modded. Since removing the sight also removes the movement speed penalty of ADS, yes, you are gaining advantage through illegitimate means. That makes it a modded weapon, regardless of how severe it is. All Torgue weapons are explosive. They do not come in any element. Explosive is no longer an element, despite what Jack says. Maliwan weapons always have an element. All Moxxi weapons anything with her name or logo physically on the gun are elemental, except for the Creamer an explosive Torgue rocket launcher.

borderlands 2 gibbed weapon prefixes

All offered on trades are obtained in a non legit way. Rapid Infinity being the exception to the rule Weapons without manufacturer are modded. The Infinity being one of the only weapons where that would work. On weapons, brand determines reload animation. But since the Infinity never reloads… And speaking of the devil; Slag Infinities are modded.

That Cobra you just got in a trade? They have dropped, but only a few though.VIDEO : the best conference call is? VIDEO : borderlands 2: conference call- does it suck?! VIDEO : overpower 8 interfacer: still the best shotgun?

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borderlands 2 gibbed weapon prefixes

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Grateful that the time I took to add this to the BL2 community is appreciated. Thanks for the sticky. The original max stats lists were an intensive collaborative effort, so I understand BTKs response even if I would have worded it a little differently. That said, I believe the old OP8 gear stats would basically be the new level 80, so that should at least give you a starting point.

Does anyone know how to calculate the stats for OP10 gear? There are ways to calculate the stats based on formulae but the math would get pretty silly.

I took a close look at the list. It would be a gargantuan task. Seventy iterations just of the Bearcat. I seriously doubt anyone wants to take this on. Deepest and humblest tip-o-the-hat to BTKs and all involved.

PM me if you want more detail. It would take a very long time. Best Weapon and Shied Variants. Bone of the Ancients, OP8 ligitemet max status. Max stats on this mod? Desires For Borderlands 3. Critic my shock gaige build. Fake bee, missing parts? What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!There are new Effervescent items to be found as well as new bosses to defeat, like Haderax the Invincible. As many of these quests are available near the end of the DLC, this is your one and only spoiler warning.

Scarab Research Center. As you make your way inside and down the stairs to your left, a quest marker should appear. There are three more Echoes to find within the Research Center. You should find them as you progress with the main mission, so here are the exact locations:. It has high damage, pretty decent accuracy, a very fast reload speed. The Overcompensator Legendary Shotgun is a talking weapon from the Tales from the Borderlands game which shouts out some serious encouragement to players, as well as constantly interjecting into conversations when equipped.

It has a surfer dude voice which will either make you cringe or laugh a lot, depending on your outlook on life. Head back to The Backburner to see Vaughn, hand over the pants and the Overcompensator is yours. It comes with a multiplier for damage, 4. Enable JavaScript to sign up to our newsletter. Games featured in this article Borderlands Guides News Features.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Borderlands 2 Best Conference Call Prefix

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Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Borderlands 2. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator.

Top 10 Best Mini, Regular and Raid Bosses to Farm in Borderlands 2 #PumaCounts

This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. I previously made these as individual guides but decided to remove them and put it up as one guide. Makes life easier. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. RealSwalton Offline. Guide Index. Pistol - Barrel. Pistol - Grip. Pistol - Scope.

Pistol - Accessories. Pistol - Body. Pistol - Prefixes. SMG - Barrel. SMG - Grip. SMG - Stock. SMG - Sights. SMG - Accessories. SMG - Body. SMG - Prefixes. Sniper Rifles - Barrel. Sniper Rifles - Grip.Borderlands 2 's latest DLC, Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuaryformally introduces a new story to explore, a new raid boss to beat, and a new rarity of weapon to collect.

The Effervescent rarity — commonly known as the rainbow rarity — ranks up there with legendary and pearlescent weapons, making their collection a high priority for many Borderlands diehards. Fortunately, there seems to be an increased spawn of the rarity type at higher levels in the new Borderlands 2 DLC, presumably as lead-up to their inclusion in Borderlands 3. There are also only a handful of weapons, shields, relics, and whatnot, so while farming will likely be required to add all of these to the collection, their intriguing effects make it well worthwhile.

For example, the Unicornsplosion rainbow weapon is similar to the Swordsplosion but fires Buttstallion as its ammo. A ton of these items also have synergistic effects with other rainbow rarity items, as the Easy Mode rainbow shield buffs the Peak Opener and Hard Carry in certain situations, leading to interesting builds for specific situations. Toothpick is best obtained by farming the "The Hunt is Vaughn" sidequest that pits players against Sandworms and Sandworm Queens.

The Queens have the highest drop rate, so the best method here is to reset the game and not save until getting Toothpick. The Retainer can also be farmed this way. This weapon can be obtained by defeating the new Borderlands 2 raid boss, Haderax the Invincible. Nirvana may prove to be one of the hardest rainbow weapon grinds in the game, as Borderlands 2 players will need to kill Infected Badass Saplings to get the SMG to drop.

These enemies appear in the infected areas of the Dahl Abandon, where players will need to let pods spawn and grow to produce these saplings instead of shooting them before they grow. It's entirely possible to beat the DLC without seeing the weapon drop for some, whereas others may encounter more than one.

This Borderlands 2 rainbow sniper rifle will be dropped by Lt. Hoffman in the Mt. Scarab Research Center. Players will also do well to farm Cassius for other rainbow items while farming Lt. Like the above Hot Mama, this weapon can be farmed from Borderlands 2 's Lt. Borderlands 2 players will need to complete the "My Brittle Pony sidequest," which will see Butt Stallion appear in base camp. Players will need the mysterious amulet from the Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC, which is the first real use of the item that players have discovered since it was added to the game so long ago.

With it equipped, simply feed Butt Stallion to get the Unicornsplosion. Borderlands 2 's Antifection is dropped by the Cassius boss fight, which can be farmed by going back through the Mt. Uranus is one of the best farms for high-tier weapons available in the new Borderlands 2 DLC, and the only place where players can get the Electric Chair Rainbow Grenade Mod.

This enemy can be found in Helios Fallen.



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