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Loading in vb net

By using this site, you agree to our updated Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Manage your Cookies Settings. Join Now login. Ask Question. Tim Smallwood. In the older versions of VB I'd use frmMyform. I looked at the help file and it showed me how to create a new form in code and then load it, but I want to load a form when a user clicks a button. I can't seem to find this simple task in the help file. Any help would be greatly apprecaited. Nov 20 ' Post Reply. Share this Question.

Show Hope this helps. That code is only for a new form right? I want to open an existing form by name? Thanks so much. Herfried K. Wagner [MVP]. Armin Zingler.

To show a Form: dim f as new Form2 f. Show 'or f. ShowDialog If you want to hide a Form and show another one, you shouldn't use a Form as the startup object in the project properties. This should only be done if a Form is shown from the start til the end of the application.

Instead, use your own Sub Main as the startup object: sub main dim f as new Form1 f. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

loading in vb net

I was pulling my hair out! Thank you so much. Can't I exit the application by using "End"? Just cuirous. It was a whole lot easier. I realize there's a good reason for this, but it's way to complicated to have to create an instance of a form to just show a form!

I've decide to use the Tab Control in this case to save the memory and the trouble of opening and closing several forms as the scope of the project has just changed and I don't want to open and close so many forms. I'm curious if more memory is used with one form and a tab control, or by having several forms and hiding and showing them?

loading in vb net

It might have been a little easier but at the cost of being less flexible. No, there is no reason to use "End". Always try to quit the application the right way. James R. If you are opening and closing the forms, then multiple forms uses less memory, at the expense of some processing time.Need support for your remote team?

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Medium Priority. Last Modified: How do i load an image from a file onto the screen in vb. How do i do that? Start Free Trial. View Solution Only. Author Commented: Commented: Object, ByVal e As System.

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The PictureBox. Image property takes an Image object and displays it in the picture box. This property can be used at design time from the PictureBox properties window or at run time by assigning it an Image object. The PictureBox1.

To your question, "how do i display an image without a pictureBox? Parts of the image will be covered by context place in the control such as text and other controls. Not the solution you were looking for? Getting a personalized solution is easy.

Ask the Experts. To your statement, "i was talking about the vb. The original Stated question. Seeming that even the Windows From derives from Forms Control like all other controls where do you want to display this image. I didnt want directX as yet. I dont want to use picturebox to store an image as it is too slow but i want to use bitBlt like old vb6.

Here is the BitBlt function being used in a VB. Net program. Placing an image from disk on to the main form.The ComboBox control is used to display a drop-down list of various items. It is a combination of a text box in which the user enters an item and a drop-down list from which the user selects an item. Let's create a combo box by dragging a ComboBox control from the Toolbox and dropping it on the form. You can populate the list box items either from the properties window or at runtime.

To add items to a ComboBox, select the ComboBox control and go to the properties window for the properties of this control. Click the ellipses This opens the String Collection Editor dialog box, where you can enter the values one at a line.

Gets or sets a custom System. Gets or sets the height in pixels of the drop-down portion of the ComboBox. Gets or sets the maximum number of characters a user can enter in the editable area of the combo box. Prevents the control from drawing until the EndUpdate method is called, while items are added to the combo box one at a time. In this example, let us fill a combo box with various items, get the selected items in the combo box and show them in a list box and sort the items.

Drag and drop a combo box to store the items, a list box to display the selected items, four button controls to add to the list box with selected items, to fill the combo box, to sort the items and to clear the combo box list, respectively. Net - ComboBox Control Advertisements. Previous Page. Next Page. Previous Page Print Page. AllowSelection Gets a value indicating whether the list enables selection of list items. AutoCompleteMode Gets or sets an option that controls how automatic completion works for the ComboBox.

AutoCompleteSource Gets or sets a value specifying the source of complete strings used for automatic completion. DropDownWidth Gets or sets the width of the of the drop-down portion of a combo box. DroppedDown Gets or sets a value indicating whether the combo box is displaying its drop-down portion. Items Gets an object representing the collection of the items contained in this ComboBox. MaxDropDownItems Gets or sets the maximum number of items to be displayed in the drop-down part of the combo box.

MaxLength Gets or sets the maximum number of characters a user can enter in the editable area of the combo box. SelectedIndex Gets or sets the index specifying the currently selected item. SelectedText Gets or sets the text that is selected in the editable portion of a ComboBox. SelectedValue Gets or sets the value of the member property specified by the ValueMember property. SelectionLength Gets or sets the number of characters selected in the editable portion of the combo box.

SelectionStart Gets or sets the starting index of text selected in the combo box. Sorted Gets or sets a value indicating whether the items in the combo box are sorted. BeginUpdate Prevents the control from drawing until the EndUpdate method is called, while items are added to the combo box one at a time.

EndUpdate Resumes drawing of a combo box, after it was turned off by the BeginUpdate method. FindString Finds the first item in the combo box that starts with the string specified as an argument.Here we see how to use ADO. To create a connection we pass the connection string as a parameter in connection object.

Dim con As New SqlConnection str. The above string defines the connection string which is used to connect the database with the application. Now we create a database table and insert some values in this table.

Table looks like this. Load data from database into DataGridView. The DataSource property is used for displaying data. Tables 0. For example. The form looks like this. Now double click on the Button control and add the following vb. Imports System. Public Class Form1. ObjectByVal e As System. EventArgs Handles Button1. Dim ds As New DataSet. Fill ds, "Emp". End Sub. End Class.

Now run the application and click on the Button. Home Explore Tags Contribute. Posted in VB. NET VB.When it's time to wait, we are used to seeing the classic blue progress bar.

It is everywhere in Windows and many other applications. However, animations are getting more and more popular. For example, when Firefox loads a page, a small spinning circle appears and shows you that the page is loading. Let's begin by the presentation of the component I developed. The LoadingCircle uses a timer, and it has two responsibilities: to determine the color of the next spoke, and to redraw the circle at a specified number of milliseconds.

When you use the property RotationSpeedyou modify the timer's property named Interval. Higher the value is, slower will be the rotation.

loading in vb net

The default rotation speed is 80, so at every 80 milliseconds, the circle will be redrawn. First of all, we need coordinates for each spoke. So, let's review some simple math notions. In order to draw a perfect circle, you have to know the following trigonometry concept: the cosines of an angle in degrees give us the X and the sine gives us the Y. The method GetCoordinate computes, for a specified radius and angle, the coordinates of a point. The method DrawLine uses the coordinates computed by GetCoordinateand draws a line with the two specified points and a color.

This component is quite easy to use. Once added to your toolbox, drag it to your form, and you are in business! Now, all you have to do is to play with the properties which change the look of the circle. Those are under the category "LoadingCircle" in the Properties panel. Also, you can change the Active property to true or false to see the animation running or not.

Finally, I wish you will find this component useful. I had fun writing it, and wish you will use it. Thanks for reading this article.It represents a Windows progress bar control. It is used to provide visual feedback to your users about the status of some task.

Loading screen in windows application

It shows a bar that fills in from left to right as the operation progresses. The main properties of a progress bar are ValueMaximum and Minimum. The Minimum and Maximum properties are used to set the minimum and maximum values that the progress bar can display. The Value property specifies the current position of the progress bar.

The ProgressBar control is typically used when an application performs tasks such as copying files or printing documents. To a user the application might look unresponsive if there is no visual cue. In such cases, using the ProgressBar allows the programmer to provide a visual status of progress. Gets or sets a value indicating whether the control, when it receives focus, causes validation to be performed on any controls that require validation.

Gets or sets the time period, in milliseconds, that it takes the progress block to scroll across the progress bar. Gets or sets the maximum value of the range of the control. Gets or sets the space between the edges of a ProgressBar control and its contents. Gets or sets a value indicating whether the ProgressBar and any text it contains is displayed from right to left. Gets or sets the amount by which a call to the PerformStep method increases the current position of the progress bar.

Gets or sets the current position of the progress bar. In this example, let us create a progress bar at runtime.

Let's double click on the Form and put the follow code in the opened window. Net - ProgressBar Control Advertisements. Previous Page.Having multiple forms as part of your Visual Basic. NET program may be nice, but when your Visual Basic. NET program runs, it normally displays one form. Before you can open or close a form, you need to know the specific name of the form you want to open or close.

The Solution Explorer window lists the names of all the forms that make up your Visual Basic. NET program, such as a form named frmMain. After you know the name of the form that you want to display, you need to use BASIC command to open the form, such as the following:.

The first line tells Visual Basic.

How to make a Splash Screen in Visual Basic 2010

The oForm name is arbitrary and can be any name you choose. The second line tells Visual Basic. NET to get ready to create an object to represent your form while the second line actually creates that object to represent your form. The third line tells Visual Basic. The fourth line tells Visual Basic.

To clear a form out of memory, you need to use the Close command, such as:. To make your program end, you have to shut down all your forms. This command just tells Visual Basic. Related Book VisualBasic. NET For Dummies.



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